CTN Staff

Anna Testerman, Executive Director

John Cataldo, Operations Manager

Esmeralda Flores, Operations Assistant
Jessica LaDronka, Administrative Assistant

Diana Jimenez, Dispatcher
Kevin Poe, Dispatcher

Board of Directors & Transportation Advisory Board

Tim Mounce, President
Arvilla Johnson, Vice President
Chris Pallen, Secretary
Vicki McConnell, Treasurer
Nicole Whitman
Jim Hackney
Michael Zelek
Matthew Day

Meetings Schedule
September 21 Board Meeting/TAB
October 19 Board Meeting/TAB
November 16 Executive Committee
January 17, 2020 Board Meeting/TAB
February 21 Executive Committee
March 20 Board Meeting/TAB
April 17 Executive Committee
May 15 Board Meeting/TAB
June 19 Board Meeting/TAB

If you are interested in serving on our
Board of Directors, please complete an